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Ishi Track presents a variety of the most innovative and advanced systems for tracking and monitoring of various types of assets and of people. The systems provide complete, user friendly solutions for efficient management: Helios, Tetis, WatchLock, Rainbow, Kylos and the Online Application.All of the hardware devices are small, durable and easy to install.

The Complementary software enable online tracking and monitoring anywhere in the world, receiving alerts on complex events to the destination of your choice (Email/ SMS/ reports), and much more.Starcom’s systems state of the art products give you control of a broad range of situations, keeping you confident that in any unexpected situation, the system will function and will alert you automatically.Ishi Track products have become synonymous with system stability and reliability. This is the result of long years of research and of experience, ensuring unparalleled quality.

  • Vehicle Tracking
    The most sophisticated system of its kind for real-time fleet management and for the protection of both the vehicle and the driver.
  • Container Tracking
    Tetis detects and alerts large number of events, such as door opening, breaking in through the side wall bypassing the door, blow or damage to the container, etc. Tetis for reefer containers provides information about levels of temperature, humidity and gas.
  • Reporting Lock
    A clever combination of a high security padlock and an electronic alarm system, that provide information about its location, any opening and closing of the lock as well as any attempt to break it. A real time alert and monitoring from anywhere, to anywhere.
  • Personal Tracking
    For real time people location and management. A unique personal tracker that provides automatic supervision from a distance.
  • Merchandise Tracking
    A Real time tracking unit for the protection and management of all kinds of merchandise.  Automatic remote track and trace features and continuous control of all possible events and situations affecting the merchandise, throughout its traveling route.
  • Web Application
    Online web application for real time tracking and monitoring of fleets of vehicles, containers, assets and people.
    The application enables tracking the units over a detailed map and generating operational reports and statistical data.
    It also includes a flexible events generator allowing defining any combination of events that will activate a real time alert.
  • Control Center Application
    Designed for operational security centers to handle emergency events. The system allows ease of operation and ensures an immediate response suitable for any type of event.
  • Olympia Tracking
    Ishi Track offers an Application for both iOS and Android-based devices, enabling you to receive information that matters, sent straight to your mobile phone.
    The Mobile Application (named "Olympia Tracking") has been created to complete Starcom Online Web Application and provides a fast and user-friendly way to keep track of your business or personal concerns whenever your computer is unavailable - anywhere and at any time.
  • School Bus & Kids tracking with RFID/Camera
    Ishi Track is designed to track school buses with the use of GPS and school students through RFID. This system works by fitting in a school bus tracking device on school buses that can read RFID tag, reports its position with the use of GPS, and also has a display to show the student photo when they scan their RFID tag. When the student scan his or her tag, the will log whether the student is hopping in or out of the bus based on the timing and pre-defined algorithms. The scanned information will be transmitted to the server along with the student’s stop details. The cloud based school bus tracking server processes the received information.
  • Fuel monitoring Tracking
    Ishi Track Fuel Management System is a versatile, customizable and cost-effective fuel management system that provides intelligent fuel monitoring, reporting and notification services by tracking the fuel consumption and filling in real time.
  • Key Challenges in Fule Tracking & Monitoring
    Ishi Track Fuel Management System solves the problem of tracking and monitoring of fuel usage of generators that are managed by people at various locations. Some of the problems that are often encoutered are.

    • How many hours per day Generator is running?
    • What is the average fuel consumption per hour?
    • How many liters of fuel filled on average per week?
    • Is generator running even when electrical power supply is present?
    • What is the average running hours per location?
    • How to know the current fuel level of remote location generator(s)?
    • How to get the information directly from the machine/generator without any middle man?
    • How to compare one generator’s performance with another location generator?
    • Are the people really filling as much fuel in the generator as they claim (is there any fuel theft) ?